Emily Tucker

Hayden - Week 2

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Our little girl amazes me everyday and also seems to change everyday. Some things are getting easier and I'm learning through the more challenging times. One thing I have been extremely thankful for is all the experience that I gained working as a nanny. There are a lot of things that you can't prepare for such as: sleepless nights, umbilical stumps and breastfeeding. I'm loving every bit of this. 

-Hayden is beginning to drool, which is also a personal problem of mine.

-I love her little smirks and giggles she makes in her sleep.

-It is terribly funny how frustrated she gets sometimes before eating, she even makes this little scream.

-My Aunt Carol and 2nd cousin Maya came to visit us, Maya has already come twice. She is kinda excited to have a new family member, she was the last new member and I was the one excited when she came. 

-Sleep is better and worse but what do you expect from a 2 week old 

-The little lady had her 2 week appt. when she was actually a week and half. I am a bit proud to say that she weighed in at 7 lbs 15 oz, they want babies to be back at birth weight (7 lbs 2 oz) by the time they are 2 weeks and Hayden surpassed that before she was even two weeks. 

-I started an easy start to tummy time with her where I lay flat and have her lay on my chest. She is already starting to learn what to do and getting stronger. 

-I'm loving that my mom has been coming to visit once a week :)