Emily Tucker

I don't

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I don’t…

Treat Hayden like she's the first kid
Eat eggs or much chocolate, other than reeses or pretzel crack
Like to drive around town, I would much rather drive far or just walk
Wash my hair more than 1-2x a week

Understand gluten-free things, not to offend anyone

Always utilize my time wisely
Encourage my husband enough daily but am completely amazed by all that he handles in a week 
Always get it right

Put myself out there enough, I'm truly a homebody & introvert so its hard for me to remember to plan to  do things with people even though I always want to
Like having to be decisive about food options
Know how anyone can live without caffeine or bacon
Always like how I view myself as a person but I do love that I have a really strong body image & always have, I may be more fit now but I haven't always been

Know how single moms do it all & am so proud to be raised by one

Put many restrictions on what I eat & when, for me moderation & portion control are key plus some fab workouts

Get much sleep during the last few months of pregnancy, due to heartburn & freakish nesting

Ever really wear red unless its in a print

Have any clue what we are naming little man & its seriously frustrating me

Ever know what to do with my hair

How about you? What are your don’ts?