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currently:june 2014

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The past few months have been simply amazing, even with the trials we've faced recently... 

  • We are moving to a bigger place, which is amazing but they keep changing the move in date...

  • Zach is now 1! Waiting to have his party till after we move. He is such a sweet little boy with lots of hair. He's had 4 haircuts already!

  • Hayden is silly, thoughtful and definitely going through a growth spurt, which seems to make her really grumpy & emotional sometimes.

  • I turned 27! Started off my birthday weekend with a car accident but finished with great times with my family. I know its not normal but I love getting older.

  • I hosted a bridal shower for my best friend Hannah and it went well & was special to me and with all that is going on right now that was all I could ask for. My mom helped host and she was so happy to do that because she loves Hannah and knows how important she is to me & our family.

  • I'm slowly working on my fitness & health and am seeing really great results and even better I'm feeling so much better with way more energy. Next month is gonna be big since I will be doing a joint PiYo challenge group with Michelle.

  • Still slowly working on changing the blog to something fresher. It is desperately needed and why I haven't been writing as much.

currently:march 2014

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Scandal & I never thought I would like it.


is my fave, one of the best things about little people is that they like to dance anytime.


 70 degree weather.


 abundance of grace & love.


 up our tax paperwork.


Smart Money Smart Kids

really excited to be on the launch team.


 on a new much needed refreshed blog design.


 being matron-of-honor for my 'adopted' little sister.


 a few blog posts that are finally able to come to fruition.


birthday parties & bridal events.

laughing & crying

when 2 littles painted themselves and their room.


menu planning.


very light & bright.


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Swing Hoarder
Whewww, 2ish weeks off from almost all media is really nice sometimes. I think we all need a break from so much stimulation occasionally. Now I wish I could say I had been vacationing in some tropical secluded location but I wasn't, more like working on my task list of before baby items. We also had a lot going on with Mothers day and my birthday, both of which were busy but a joy. 

Prego: Almost 37 weeks prego... I feel amazing other than my almost continuous heart burn/acid reflux & some hip pain. The hip pain I think is from how I have to sleep and from carrying Hayden on it. 

Fitness: I've stopped working out but still walk 2-3 times a week, usually to take Hayden to the playground or to peruse BabyGap & Anthropologie for sale items. Best and worse things having those 2 in walking distance. 

Reading: Bread & Wine at the moment, this book is really hitting my soul of how I want to live our family life really intentionally. 

Watching: The Great Gatsby in 3d, my first 3d movie was very enjoyed. I have a thing for the 20's and for visually decadent movies. 

Craving: All you can eat sushi, I don't not eat sushi when pregnant we just only go a couple times a year. 


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Watching the Biggest Loser, my all time fave
Reading Feminine Appeal
Playing with the tiny tot, lots of coloring and pretend cooking and being covered in stuffed animals
Eating lots of snacks to try ward off heartburn
Enjoying no more need for heater
Ready for menu planning, maybe?
Loving my little ninja in my belly
Needing to figure out a new hairdo and searching for the perfect foundation & concealer
Drinking iced Via & tangerine Mio
Wanting a new photo printer
Craving a late movie dinner date & jalapeno poppers

I don't

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I don’t…

Treat Hayden like she's the first kid

Eat eggs or much chocolate, other than reeses or pretzel crack

Like to drive around town, I would much rather drive far or just walk

Wash my hair more than 1-2x a week

Always utilize my time wisely

Always get it right

Put myself out there enough, I'm truly a homebody & introvert so its hard for me to remember to plan to  do things with people even though I always want to

Like having to be decisive about food options

Know how anyone can live without caffeine or bacon

Always like how I view myself as a person but I do love that I have a really strong body image & always have, I may be more fit now but I haven't always been

Know how single moms do it all & am so proud to be raised by one

Put many restrictions on what I eat & when, for me moderation & portion control are key plus some fab workouts

Get much sleep during the last few months of pregnancy, due to heartburn & freakish nesting

Ever really wear red unless its in a print

Have any clue what we are naming little man & its seriously frustrating me

Ever know what to do with my hair

How about you? What are your don’ts?


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That it is September, a.k.a. my favorite month! I love all things back to school & Fall, big nerd right here...


About half-way done with

Bringing Up Bebe

I am a Francophile at heart so I am loving this book but its definitely been taking me longer to get through than I thought it would. Its about the contrasts between American parenting styles and French ones. I really love learning more about them and definitely see myself somewhere in-between the two. Also just finished up our Summer book for our ladies book club -

Shopping for Time

It was the third time I had read through it but it is honestly one of my favorite practical books for every woman.


 Supernatural from the beginning on Netflix with the hubs. Its kinda what we do: start a show from the beginning and watch all the seasons. This method is really enjoyable actually, we get to relax and binge on a couple episodes at night & not have to wait till the next episode. I've been watching How I Met Your Mother during nap times. Netflix is pretty awesome.

-xo Emily